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Fruit & Veg Budgie Mix
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Fruit & Veg Budgie Mix

Fruit & Veg Budgie contains only the highest quality seeds while also offering a tasty mix of different fruits & vegetables blended together for a highly nutritious mix of ingredients.

As a complete mix, this mix has all the necessary & beneficial vitamins, minerals & nutrients required to keep them in their best condition.

The inclusion of millets in this diet is very beneficial for your budgie. Silica, which is found in millet; is important for the development & strengthening of budgies bones, ligaments & other body systems. Canary Seed is high in protein yet low in fat which can help with the removal of excess fat & birds that gain weight easy. Hempseed also offers its benefits, offering an extra energy boost. Hempseed also offers its benefits, offering an extra energy boost.

The fruits that are included are all natural & will be absolutely loved by your bird, while the vegetables are also natural, they will offer a variety of benefits in keeping your bird in the best possible condition.


Store in a cool dry place.  Not for human consumption. Always ensure that plenty of clean, fresh drinking water is available.

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