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Koi Pond Food

"Our koi food also contains MacroGard®. What benefits does this have for you fish?"

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"My dog suffered for 2 years with persistent upset tummy, when I decided to try "Browns Health & Activity" dog food. The result was amazing and I now have a very happy dog who loves to finish all his food quickly, which previously was unheard of! ."

Val Nobes

"Hi, would just like to say, the "Brown’s Macrogard" dog food is such good value for money and your dog will actually love it! The 1st time I tried him on Brown’s Pet Range he woofed it down and continues to clean out his bowl daily!! This is definitely something to try and keep on buying. They even do a gluten free one!"

Tracey Cayless

We've Been using Brown's "Light and Sensitive" food for my dog. Its fantastic her coat, it is so shiny and she has lost weight as she needed to.

Wendy Newman-Portch

"I wouldn't give my rabbit any other food it has everything he needs and the vet always says how healthy he is."

Katie Goodwin

“I bought the tortoise food and they love it, and I have the knowledge they are getting good wholesome food :-)”

Angie Hughes

“My dog loves he's food! He looks very healthy and has a lovely coat and the best thing is he's poo is a lot easier to pick up xxx” 

Christina Cavanagh

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The Benefits of Macrogard In Your Dogs Diet

The Benefits of Macrogard In Your Dogs Diet

Brown’s Pet Range are the first British company to include MacroGard® in their food. What is MacroGard®? MacroGard® is a source of highly purifie...

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