Posh Nosh for Dogs - Dry Food

 All Brown's Pet Range dog foods are crammed full of high quality natural ingredients from meat, fish and veg & nutrients needed to maintain a happy, healthy dog! We have a great range of wet and dry foods that can be served individually as a complete meal or together for the ultimate doggy dinner. 

  • Packed with natural ingredients including meat
  • Vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy 
  • Made by globally recognised British nutritionists 
  • Available for all life stages + sizes with grain free options

We have developed some handy calculators to help you figure out how much you should feed your dogs. Using the calculators below you will find out how much food your dog requires daily, divided up into at least 2 meals per day! The calculators also work out for you the best Subscription to take out that will best suit your dog’s requirements. Give it a go below!


Puppy Feeding Calculator


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Adult Dog Feeding Calculator


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