Breaking the Stigma - Brown's Canned Food

Breaking the Stigma - Brown's Canned Food

The feeling around Canned Food for dogs for some time has had a negative tone. Sometimes, it’s for good reason. Some Canned Foods are manufactured to be cheap & with that comes what you would expect; an unappetising poorly designed meal, which would most likely not meet the needs of your pup. Brown’s Pet Range are here to change that. 

At Brown’s, we've asked ourselves; Is it possible to produce a high-quality Canned Food? We said “Yes, we ‘CAN’...” Get it? We’ve always believed in supplying you with the best possible diets, at the best possible prices. We’ve now added to our huge range of products we already offer; a Canned food containing only high quality, natural ingredients at a price that will leave you smiling.  

What Makes Our Canned Food Good? 

We worked extensively with British Manufacturers with over 50 years of experience in the production of dog food. Together, our goal was to produce a high-quality Canned Food. The end product? A food with a high meat content & a low ingredient list, meaning you know exactly what is being fed to your dog. Not only that, the meat we supply in our Canned Food is of the highest quality, with high quality cuts.  

Comparing to many kibble diets available on the market, which include an incredibly long ingredient list of things you may have not even heard of, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to at a glance be able to tell exactly what you are purchasing. If you a go a step further, comparing the meat content of many kibbles to our canned food, you’ll quickly see our quality in comparison, with a 70% meat content in our Canned Food!  

Added Herbs, Added Goodness! 

This is the point where you might begin to think that the ingredients we include maybe even better than what you eat! Inside of this canned goodness, you’ll find a variety of herbs with added benefits to a dog's health! Some of the delicious add-ons found inside the can include Peppermint, Parsley, Cumin, Garlic & Kelp! 

Some of you may see garlic and worry; however in small amounts garlic can actually improve your dogs health in many ways, including: 

  • It prevents the formation of blood clots (anti-platelet) 
  • Decreases cholesterol build-up (anti-cholesterolemic) 
  • Widens blood vessels (vasodilator) 
  • Helps prevent the formation of tumors (anti-tumor) 
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes 
  • Antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic 

Our Canned foods provide 100% natural nutrition, guaranteed! 

Where Can I Get Them? 

Our range is fully available on our website. With a next working day delivery service your food will be with you quick as a flash! Not only that, we are now offering 50% OFF your first purchase when you set up a subscription! A subscription saves you the worry of forgetting to order your food. Simply set up how often you wish for your food to be delivered & we will take care of the rest, hassle free! You can take a quick glance here:


If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at