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Chicken & Game Hearts Training Treats | Refill Pack | 200g | 100% Less Plastic

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100% Less Plastic!

All our tubs are 100% Recyclable & Re-usable and made from recycled materials. However with the popularity of our training treats, you can only keep so many before you are overrun with empty tubs you cannot find use for!  So we are now supplying you with a refill bag option for each flavour of your dog's favourite treats!

The bag itself is recylclable and paper in general poses far less strain on recyling plants when it comes to disposing of waste! We hope you will see the value in keeping your old tubs and using the refil option rather than buying your tubs again.

Once recieved keep treats air-tight in previously used Brown's Training Treats Tub to ensure freshness of treats for up to 1 year!  Treats are not intended to be stored in Brown Bags they arrive in!

Brown's Pet Range Treats & Snacks

Brown's Pet Range Training Treats, a premium snack for dogs, the ideal snack for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Perfect as a training treat or as a snack.  Presented in a convenient air tight flip top tub, making it easier to reward whilst on walks and training on-the-go.

Small semi-moist treats, use as a reward for your home or on the road.

They are available in different shapes, colours and flavours. They can be easily broken by the soft consistency, which means that your dog is not distracted by long chewing, so the training can continue fast after the reward. You can reward your favourite for many reasons because he did not bark or simply because you love him/her.

For a special kind of reward that they can have without regret and that will give your four-legged friend great pleasure.