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Brown's Natural Dog Treats | Veal Hooves
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Veal Hooves

Have you been looking fora durable dog chew? One that’s not a bone, but not quickly consumed like a jerky or a bully stick? A chew which will keep your dog busy for hours, maybe days? Veal Hooves is this!

Let your dog go crazy over this hoof because it is a great source of protein and they will love every chew of it. This is one of our most popular treats because your dog finds them so irresistible and will give them hours of gnawing time. Hooves are USA beef toenail and have been thoroughly cleaned and backed to their finest. Dog chew for all size dogs.

✓   Grain Free!    ✓   Wheat Free!
✓   Soya Free!     ✓   Dairy Free!
✓   Gluten Free!  ✓   No added Ingredients!

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