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NEW Nerf Dog Tuff Tug X-Ring Dog Toy - Dog Toys - Browns Pet Range

NEW Nerf Dog Tuff Tug X-Ring Dog Toy
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Give your energetic pal a durable plush toy optimized for extra-tough tossing, fetching, chewing and roughhousing with the Nerf Dog Tuff Tug X-Ring Dog Toy. Your pup will love the unique X ring design that’s perfect for playing tug of war with you or with other friendly dogs. Because it’s built with high-performance materials like sturdy woven nylon and tear-resistant rubber coating that can stand up to dogs’ teeth, it’s the go-to toy for heavy duty play. Plus, it’s stuffed to the max to make rough and tumble that much more exciting and comfortable. It’s the ideal toy for more play and much-needed exercise, whether at home or at the park!

Key Benefits

  • Unique X ring shape is ideal for fetching, chewing, and roughhousing.
  • Stuffed design makes it a solid, safe playtime toy for everyday use.
  • Built to stand up to extra tough play with durable woven nylon and chew-resistant rubber coating.
  • Provides an entertaining activity your pal can enjoy with you or other friendly pups.
  • Great way to add much-needed exercise to your dog’s daily activities.

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