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Lazy Bones Puppy Training Pads (Varied Pack Size) - Training Pads - Browns Pet Range

Lazy Bones Puppy Training Pads (Varied Pack Size)
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Size Name:7 , 14 , 30 , 50 , 100 Pack


No More Yellow Stains On Your Expensive Rugs! House Train Your Puppy with the Best Dog Training Pads by PetCellence!

Are you tired of coming home only to find the smell of dog pee waiting for you?

Would you like an effective solution to help you both potty train your puppy and keep your floors and carpets immaculate clean?

Then these pet house training mats are for you!

Ideal for young puppies or older dogs with incontinence issues, these potty training dog pads are all you need to make the house train experience a pleasant one for both you and your little furry friend.



Save Tons of Money on Disposable Dog Pee Mats!

Why spend money buying a new pack of disposable house training dog pads every once in a while, when you can invest in a 100 pack of reusable, super absorbent ones that you can use over long periods of time, just as effectively?

These pet wee wee pads are perfect for multiple use indoors or outdoors, in the car or on your travels.

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