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Jungle Vine Cat Scratching Base Camp (with Silver Vine)

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Jungle Vine Cat Post (With Silver Vine)

Cats need to be able to sharpen their claws. In your home, you should offer a place to scratch. Otherwise, you're darling kitty might turn to your favourite furniture, curtains, or rugs!

The Brand New Jungle Vine Range of Cat Scratching Posts and Play Zones with made with Silver Vine.

What is Silver Vine?

Silver Vine, is a deciduous climbing vine grown in the high mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It produces clusters of fragrant, creamy white 1 ½ inch flowers which bloom in the summer and bears a fruit similar to kiwi. Silver Vine gets its name from its long, dark green 6 inch leaves with silver tips. 

Silver Vine is a cat stimulant when ground into a powder. This is because Silver Vine contains not one, but two cat attractant compounds. Silver Vine is also an aromatic having a distinctive sweet tea-like fragrance which attracts cats. 


Cat post play zone made with silver vine 56x64cm