JBL PondOxi-Set -  - Browns Pet Range
JBL PondOxi-Set -  - Browns Pet Range

JBL PondOxi-Set

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JBL PondOxi-Set

Aeration set with air pump for garden ponds

Oxygen supply for every season 
Plants and fish need oxygen to survive. During winter and with high water temperatures in summer oxygen deficiency can occur in the pond. JBL’s aeration set Pond Oxi protects the pond against oxygen deficiency. 

Even oxygen supply 
The high-powered air pump of the Pond-Oxi aeration set ensures an even oxygen supply. The floater is equipped with an air hose holder, so that the air stone can be positioned at any height. 

Easy to install 
Position air pump in a dry place within a radius of 10 m to the pond. Connect pump to air stone using air hose. Put the air hose into the hose holder of the floater and use it to determine the best depth to position the air stone by pushing the hose back and forth. Connect air pump to the power supply. It may be necessary to attach it with a cord to prevent the floater from drifting away in the air flow generated. 

Tip: Don’t attach the stone lower than 30 cm below water surface in winter.

  • Protects the pond against oxygen deficiency: reliable aeration and oxygen supply through aeration set with floater and high-powered air pump with 200 l/h output
  • Easy to install: set up the air pump in a dry place, connect pump and air stone with air hose, put air hose into the hose holder of the floater, connect the air pump to the power supply
  • Protection against oxygen deficiency, variable positioning at any water depth thanks to floater with hose holder
  • High-powered air pump: 200 l/h air flow rate, 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 W, large ball-shaped 40 mm air stone
  • Package contents: aeration set, Pond Oxi-Set, incl. air pump, air hose, air stone, floater with hose holder
Art. no.:
EAN Code:
200 l/h
3 W
Volume packaging:
4.500 l
Gross weight:
788.000 g
Net weight:
574 g
Weight factor:
205/73/300 -