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NEW Arm & Hammer Advance Dental Care Enzymatic Toothpaste

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About Arm & Hammer

The Arm & Hammer oral care range provides owners with effortless ways to care for their pet’s teeth and gums.

Each product has been specifically designed to cater for the particular requirements of individual dogs and owners.

What makes it different?

The Arm & Hammer brand has been used in households for over 150 years and is known for it’s key ingredient - baking soda.

The dental range provides everything that the pet owner could need, ranging from dog mints and dental water to dental sprays and beef flavoured toothpaste.

Each product contains the baking soda formula which works by bubbling along the gum-line and between the teeth, breaking down plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of dental disease.


Benefits of baking soda

Baking soda is clinically recognised as a powerful cleaning agent by dissolving deep into tooth surface crevices.

Despite the highly effective cleaning powers, it remains gentle, making it ideal for dental use.

Baking soda maintains a good pH balance inside the dog’s mouth by neutralising harmful acids, keeping their breath fresh for hours.

Arm and Hammer

Why look after my pet’s teeth?

Your dog's dental health is very important. Your dog's teeth and gums are as vulnerable to disease as your own, and dental problems are the most commonly diagnosed health condition in all dogs over the age of three. Healthy gums and teeth are the first step towards ensuring your dog gets the most out of his food, and as well as being painful, and upsetting the metabolism, bacteria associated with poor dental care can eventually enter the bloodstream and potentially damage internal organs.