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NEW Brown's Of London Dog Cologne Coat Spritz
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Brown's of London - Styling Dogs Since 1989.

Not just a pleasant smell.  Brown's Of London Cologne Spritz is designed to 

  • De-Tangle
  • Eliminate Bacteria
  • Eliminate Odours
  • Enhance Shine
  • Condition Coat
  • Strengthen Coat
  • Balance PH
  • Soothe irritable Skin
  • Replenish Natural Oils
  • Soften and Moisturise

This all-purpose Cologne for before or after each shampoo or grooming session OR use as a refresher spray between washes, or use as a detangle spray before and after washing. Brown's Of London Cologne will help to revitalise, condition, cleanse and beautify all dogs big or small. Ideal for use prior to shows and exhibitions or for when an animal returns home after visiting a kennel or grooming parlour for instance. Gentle formulation allows this product to be used daily.

A Practical 250ml Pump Spritz Nozzle Top Bottle


Spray on and leave on – Apply a fine spray all over the coat and leave on.  Use as a grooming aid to prevent matting and detangle long-haired coats.

Top tip to aid in grooming - apply spray directly to the brush then groom into your dog's coat.

Warning - As with all sprays, take care and avoid the eye, ear, nose and other sensitive areas! Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water

Made in England

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