Your Cat & Brown's - What can we do for you?

Your Cat & Brown's - What can we do for you?

I never thought there would be a time where I would be jealous of a cat; but their outdoor freedom at this time is definitely something I’m envious of.  

Where do cats go when they leave their shelter? Are they leading a second life? Are they the leader of a cat street gang? Or do they find the perfect spot in the sun to lounge about. What our cats get up to when they’re away from home is a mystery to some owners, that’s why fulfilling their needs when they do visit home is of the upmost importance.  

With Brown’s, fulfilling their needs is easy as we’ve developed a complete dry kibble to meet all their nutritional requirements. For years Brown’s Pet Range have been working closely together with zoological nutritionists to manufacture and develop diets for a range of different pets & that’s no different for cats! 

The Zoological Nutritionists we use are no dummies when it comes to a cats nutrition. They’ve spent years studying the needs for some of the largest & rarest species of cats on the planet! So when we approached them with the task of producing a nutritious diet for the regular house cat, they had no trouble.  

Many of you will be aware of the MacroGard diets we have been supplying your dogs with for years, but did you know we’ve developed a MacroGard diet for cats as well? 

We call it - Brown’s Purr-Fect Paws. A Nutritiously complete diet, designed for cats with normal to high activity levels, produced with Vitamin C, E & Selenium. This diet is balanced with essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which contributes into making your cats skin & fur healthy & beautiful. Not only that, it contains added Cranberry Extracts; helping to combat the bacteria from you cats digestive tract that can invade their urinary tract and possibly cause infection. 

The benefits don’t stop there, the kibbles are ideal for preventing hairballs from forming and also encourages hair to pass through the digestive tract. Also, Lactic Acid in this diet promotes a balanced digestion, with optimal composition of fibre for their bowel function. 

Did I mention it’s also hypoallergenic? Because it is. We also produced a kitten variation of this food, with all the same benefits! Isn’t that great? 

We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the benefits found in Brown’s Purr-fect Paws Diet, we haven’t even begun to talk about its most important benefit: MacroGard. But I’ve bored you with the wall of text beforehand, so here’s a picture telling us just the benefits MacroGard has to offer. 

I hope this has been of some help & has been more interesting to get through than the recent Cats Movie. You can find links below for more information on their product page.


I hope everyone has been keeping safe, that includes people who did actually enjoy the Cats Movie.....

Remember to stay home & stay safe. Our website is available at all times whenever you need anything. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook if have any questions. 

All the best. And remember; only together will we beat this.  


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