What Makes Brown's Pond Food Special?

What Makes Brown's Pond Food Special?

For Years, Brown’s Pet Range have been supplying you with the highest quality in the nutritional needs of your pets. We’ve proved time and time again our products have that little special something. Something that stands out from the crowd of over-marketed mediocre foods. When you see the Brown’s Pet Range logo you know it’s the logo of quality. 

The same goes for our Pond Food, we’ve worked tirelessly in producing the complete stick designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pond fish. Not only just meet their needs, but go above and beyond other pond foods & look into how to offer extra beneficial goodness to our Koi & Coldwater food. Today we look at exactly what sets our pond food from the rest; & how Brown’s Pet Range, always come out as best.  

What Makes Brown’s Pond Food Special 

Just like many areas of pet food. The pond fish diet market is over-saturated with diets which at a glance seem to be exactly the same. When you begin to look closer you begin to realise that; they pretty much are the same. This can be confusing to people looking for what exactly they should be feed their pond fish, especially as pond season rapidly approaches.  

This is where Brown’s Pet Range makes a difference. We looked at what exactly was offered on the market & instead of deciding to add to it, we decided to innovate it. This may seem extravagant, but unlike other companies which invest poorly into their food & heavily into the marketing of the food; we invest our resources in the manufacturing of a quality pond stick.  

It all starts with an idea. Instead of meeting with marketing experts we met with Zoological Nutritionists, with years of expertise in the crafting the optimal diets. Together we created a Pond Stick like no other, with no equal. And it all stems from one ingredient. 


Some of our regulars already know about the greatness of MacroGard. We’ve developed it into our dog food for many years & have received an abundance of satisfied reviews & customers. If you don’t know about the greatness of MacroGard, don’t worry! We’ll tell you. 

Working with our Zoological Nutritionists, we decided that the inclusion of MacroGard in our pond food would be a fantastic addition. So, we began to study. We trialed our new MacroGard Pond Stick for many years, refining and further developing into what we have today! The optimal Koi & Coldwater Stick, designed to offer a complete nutritional meal with the beneficial goodness of MacroGard 

The benefits to including MacroGard in your Koi’s diet is extensive. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits found just by the inclusion of MacroGard. 

So what makes us different? Brown’s Pet Range are the only UK Company to include Macrogard in any of our diets! No other pond food can come close to benefits your koi fish will receive if fed on a MacroGard Koi Pond Stick Diet!  

MacroGard & Pond Season 

With the weather taking a turn for the better however now we can’t fully enjoy it there are those who are beginning to slowly energising themselves for the change in the weather. During the winter months your pond fish will go into a state of Torpor. Torpor is not quite full hibernation; it is of a shorter duration than hibernation. Otherwise it is a very similar state of being: lower body temperature, reduced heart rate, slowed metabolism, slow reaction times, reduced breathing rate and primary body functions. Torpor allows the animal to save the energy that would otherwise be needed for higher levels of activity. While for many, Torpor may sound like something you might want to try on yourself, but during these prolonged cold spells they run the risk of their immune systems greatly weakening or shutting down. 

When the weather brightens up and with that your fish. It’s incredibly important to get the right food right off the bat. This is really where are MacroGard Pond food excels. As stated above, when your pond fish are leaving their Torpor state, they will likely have a weakened immune system and it is incredibly important to give them the support they need. Our Pond Stick is the only UK pond food to offer a diet containing an immune boosting ingredient! Feeding them our food will ensure they get the benefits of our food at their most vulnerable time.  

It Doesn’t Stop There 

While with discussed the benefits of MacroGard, the rest of the ingredients are nothing to balk at. We understood to really offer you the most complete pond stick in the land, we cannot cut corners anywhere, that’s why we only include the best ingredients for your pond fishes health in our diet. Here are just some of the further benefits you’ll find from our pond food. 

  • High in protein to offer optimal growth. 
  • Highly digestible, meaning nutrients are fully digested and not passed out into the pond to pollute and promote algae growth. 
  • Improves colour vibrancy. 
  • Softens quickly for easy feeding 
  • Complete for all pond fish. 

Now is the Right Time 

As your water temperature rises, your pond fish will need the best. MacroGard is a proven to  activate the white blood corpuscles, which in turn strengthens their immune system. Now is the best time to give it a try! Follow the link below: 



With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at hello@brownspetrange.com.