Trick or Treat – Not So Horrifying Dog Treats

Trick or Treat – Not So Horrifying Dog Treats

October, It’s everyone’s favourite month. Everyone pretends it's December, but it’s not, it’s October. You know it, we know it! The one reason? Halloween! It’s frankly the undisputed greatest holiday of the year (want to dispute it? Try me @ People across the country go to insane lengths to celebrate Halloween. Be it dusting your house of cobwebs just to put up fake cobwebs, or going out hunting for the cutest pumpkin, just to carve a hideous face into it; there’s so much to enjoy at Halloween, so why not treat your dog?

Trick or Treating is the most common way to celebrate the scariest day of the year. Children across the country spend the night collecting tasty treats from their neighbours, while the parents sift through the bag at the end of the night to steal their favourites; family fun at its best!

Some people will even bring their dogs along for the journey as well, sometimes donning the most ridiculous outfits. However they don’t get to enjoy the spoils of a successful night of knocking on random people’s doors and asking for food. And that’s rightfully so, most treats you’ll gather trick or treating would be unsafe for a dog to consume, but should that mean they have to miss out?

Why not set by some treats for them to enjoy after the evening shift. Here at Brown’s we provide a huge variety of tasty yet natural treats for your dog. Our Natural Treat Range offers so many different treats of shapes, tastes & textures which contain no added ingredients. You can find the full extensive by clicking on the picture below! Order soon for guaranteed delivery before Halloween!

If Natural Treats aren’t your cup of tea, maybe a new toy can provide your pup with the perfect reward for being the goodest of boys this Halloween, check out our selection below. 

Everyone here at Brown’s wishes you a fantastic Halloween! We hope it's a spooky one to remember!