The Sheltered Life | Keeping Your Tortoise Happy

The Sheltered Life | Keeping Your Tortoise Happy

Living that isolated life really gets you thinking. As I work from home, stuck inside for another day; I begin to think about how great it would be if my house had legs... Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your house wherever you went and had shelter wherever you went? Naturally this got me thinking... about tortoises (Obviously?) How tortoises carry their shelter wherever they go and can retreat inside in a blink of an eye. (I think isolation is beginning to get to me...) 

So with that in mind, today I decided we should look into some aspects of what keeps a tortoise happy and how Brown’s Pet Range can help with that. 

Their Shelter... Their Actual Shelter 

All that talk about tortoises carrying their shelters is partially true, however tortoise keeping really needs for you to create the perfect environment for them to spend most their time. Depending on the species of tortoise, they will require different heat, UV, and housing depending on those factors. 

With Brown’s Pet Range, we can supply you with a variety of the tools needed to set-up that perfect home! We supply a variety of substrates designed to make comfortable and satisfying bedding for different tortoise breeds. These can be found here: 

We can also help with their heating needs. A tortoises home will need permanent heating for them to lead a happy & healthy life. This is most commonly achieved via a heat bulb, which will offer a basking spot for your tortoise to chill in to really soak the heat in. However, one thing to consider with heat bulbs is that you do not want their house to get too warm. That’s why we recommend a Thermostat with every set-up! Thermostats connect to your heat bulb to control the temperature they give off. Simply when a bulb gets to hot, the Thermostat will switch it off allowing the area the cool then switching the bulb back on; just like that! You can find our range of heat & UV products here: 

To finish it off, we also supply a variety of feeding bowls, water bowls and hides, all available here: 

If you wish to visit our full reptile range, it can be viewed here: 

What Does a Tortoise Eat? 

Tortoises have been living that vegan life way before it was cool, they really set the trend! A tortoises diet is simply made up of fruit & vegetables! The vast majority of their nutrition will be gathered through their vegetables, which you can supplement with fruit every few feeds. We’ve designed a simple guide on crafting the perfect dinner for your tortoise: 

Exotic Leaf Eater 

While the relatively simple mixture of fruit and vegetables will supply a tortoise with a lot of nutrition, it is hard to really hit all of their nutritional needs just through this. That’s why Brown's Pet Range teamed up with Zoological Nutritionists who’ve worked hard on tortoise nutrition for years. Together we created the Exotic Leaf Eater Diet: A pellet containing all the essential & beneficial nutrients needed for a tortoise to live their long life feeling happy & healthy. All you need to do is mix the pellet with water to turn it into a mushy paste, then serve! You can add this diet to their usual mix of fruit & vegetables to really get the variety they crave while hitting all their nutritional goals! Exotic Leaf Eater also stops the need for calcium supplementation! 

A Word on Calcium Deficiency  

A common problem suffered by tortoises. Calcium Deficiency is usually the result of an incomplete diet. The tells are easy to find if your tortoise has a calcium deficiency. Their shell will begin to ‘Pyramid,’ which signals there is a problem. Thankfully this is quite easy to control with a calcium powder sprinkled on top of their feed. You can find our supplement reptile products here: 


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at