The Never-Ending Range | The Natural Treat Range

The Never-Ending Range | The Natural Treat Range

Variety is the flavour of life. With our current lockdown, it’s easy to see how quickly boredom can catch up with you. This boredom comes in a variety of different ways, but it simply boils down to doing the same thing over and over again. Repeating the same actions, no matter how much you love it, will eventually become tiresome. 

As you think about better times when instead of doing nothing indoors, you were doing nothing outdoors with friends. It’s worth thinking about those who’s entire lives are based on repeating the same routines, even before quarantine. 

 It’s very common for dogs to live their life to the routines we follow, they get the same routine walks, the same routine feeding times & especially the same routine foods. Now I’m confident that your furry companion is loving the extra time you’ve spent at home, oblivious to the situation around the world. For them, it’s made a fantastic change to their life as they now get to spend more time with their favourite human. It’s a change from their usual routine and for them, a good one at that!  

Change is good. And at Brown’s Pet Range, we believe that little changes in your dogs routine can really benefit them. With that in mind, we’ve developed the biggest range of Natural Treats for your dog, there’s so many to pick from that your dog will never fall into a routine again when it comes to their treats! 

The Biggest Selection 

For years, Brown’s Pet Range have been increasing our range. Our Natural Treat Range is one of the most comprehensive ranges out there. Our goal here was to create that feeling you would get at when buying Pick ‘n’ Mix. That simple excitable feeling you get as you add a variety of all your favourites to the bag, while trying out some new flavours you’ve never had before. 

When you take a look through our range, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options available for your pup. We know some of them to us may not look the most appealing, however you will quickly change your mind when you see the excitement on your dog's face when you rustle the packet. All of our natural treats are available online, take a look through by following the link below! 

The Benefits of Natural Treats 

When it comes to treating your dog, there’s always the worry that what you’re giving them is not really that good. You’ll find yourself reading through the tiny print on the back to check the composition and analysis of the treat, to only find yourself with more questions then before. 

With our Natural Treat Range, there is no small print. What’s described is exactly what you get. There is no added ingredients, colourants or preservatives added to the range, they are already more than appealing enough to your dog! WIth this in mind, you do not have to worry about feeding your dog something you don’t know exactly yourself, giving you and your dog rest of mind. 

Our Natural Treat Range is also perfect to any dogs who suffer from allergies to certain foods. All of our Natural Treats are Gluten & Grain Free, simply because once again, nothing is added! So if you’re someone who is concious to what your doggy eats, nothing can beat our Natural Treat Range! 

Low in Fat – High in Goodness 

It’s very easy to overfeed your dog. Those puppy-dog eyes are more than enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. They’ve mastered the look to get exactly what they want. Now why we will always recommend to feed your dog in moderation, you’ll find that our Natural Treat Range is all low in fat. They make perfect treats to those dogs who have puppy-dog-eyed their way to to a not so puppy sized tummy. Feeding our Natural Treat Range in moderation to overweight dogs will give them the guilt-free treats you’ve feed looking for! 


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at