The Hearty Goodness of Hearty Dinners | Brown's Wet Food

The Hearty Goodness of Hearty Dinners | Brown's Wet Food

Offering a balanced diet to your dog can be a difficult task. With so many different brands and so many different experts telling you how it is; perhaps the simplest way to go about this is with a kibble diet. The trouble with kibble is that for a lot of dogs, the appeal is simply not there. Some brands will go out of their way to make their kibble more appealing to dogs, at the cost of quality ingredients needed to make it worthwhile. It’s easy to see why some dogs turn their noises up at the sight of kibble, I’m sure you wouldn’t be best pleased if every meal was the same brown pellet.  

So, what is the solution to this problem?  If kibble isn’t doing the trick and raw food may seem a bit too daunting; there is one more avenue we can go down... 

Quality Ingredients 

What makes Brown’s Pet Range’s Hearty Dinners a quality meal? It’s actually pretty simple. We only use quality ingredients in making these meals. With an incredibly high meat content & added vegetables it’s easy to see why dogs love them. Not only that, these ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that your dog is getting a complete & nutritious meal, every time.  

Compared to the long & boring compositions you may find in certain kibbles, where the meat content is minimal and the diet consists of glutens & other low-quality ingredients, it makes sense to go for a more natural & wholesome alternative.  

More Appertising 

It goes without saying really. If you take the side-by-side comparison of dry food & our Hearty Dinners, it’s a no contest in what makes a more appealing meal. It’s not just the looks either! The aroma is certain to get your dog running from one side of the house to the other when it’s feeding time. Not only that, when the meal is finally set down, the texture & taste of the food is much more satisfying to your dog's taste buds. Instead of the constant crunch with kibble, you get the gulping down of a tasty, appealing & nutritious feast. 

No Added Nasties 

When you look at a piece of dry kibble, it’s impossible to tell what is exactly being fed to your dog. When going through the ingredient list you’ll be surprised by how much really goes into them; and with a lot of brands it is often not good. A lot of brands (Not Brown’s by the way) will use cheap ingredients to boost a kibbles protein level to make the food more appealing, as with more protein normally means more meat. That isn’t the case, instead gluten is used which some dogs may suffer mild allergic reactions too.  

With our Hearty Dinners, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how simple our ingredient list is. We only include ingredients that will benefit your dog's health. Not only that, all our hearty dinners are grain free, dairy free, soya free & contain no artificial colourings or flavourings. What is described is exactly what your dog gets. 

The Perfect Meal 

At Brown’s, we supply our Hearty Dinners in a variety of different flavours, ensuring your dog gets the choice they want & won’t get bored with the same meal on loop. You can find all our Hearty Dinners on our website here:  


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at