The Freshest in Town – Brown's Pet Range

The Freshest in Town – Brown's Pet Range

For years Brown’s Pet Range have been working on a reputation built on one simple base: The Quality & Freshness of the product. 

In an over-saturated market, the majority of companies look for the easiest and cheapest methods to produce their diets & treats. There are no questions asked about the freshness of what they’ve produced, only the efficacy & how quickly they can turn the product around for profit.  

That’s not how we do it at Brown’s. Our foods are fresher than a daisy, fresher than a Subway sandwich & even fresher than a Joe Exotic music album! Today we wanted to delve further into why freshness is such an important aspect of the Brown’s Pet Range model & why it should be important to you too. 

What it takes to be the freshest? 

So far, we’ve given a lot of big talk about why freshness is important, but not at a lot about why are foods are soo fresh. Well the proof is in the pudding and I'll prove it. 

Every day, and we mean every day; We package the food you find in our stores. Unlike most manufacturers, we do not make our food by the pallet, leaving it to sit in a warehouse until the sell by date approaches.  Our shelves are restocked on the daily, with new foods packaged by our packing team on-site, who work throughout the day to supply you with the freshest goods.  

But what if you order online? Don’t worry, the same process is used. We only pack your food when the order comes in, ensuring you always get the freshest delivery. So fresh you may think Will Smith traveled from Bel-Air to produce & deliver your pets food! 

Even our raw food offers the same level of freshness. We don’t bulk purchase our raw & sit on the stock for the year. We only order what we need, with our freezers being replenished every week with freshly cut minces, ensuring your dog gets that butcher meat feeling! 

What it means to be the freshest? 

As evident, we do not take the easy route. Too many pet food companies take the easy route, we want to be different. We could easily take said route, produce all our foods in bulk and allow them to gather dust but that’s not what we believe in. We are proud of the way we provide our service, wearing it as a badge of honour; a badge not many can claim to wear.  

We are never going to change to way we work, because we know you rely on us to be something different, that’s why we have such a loyal customer base! Once you make the switch it simply does not make sense to go back. 

Even though we work harder than over companies to produce our product, you still get the same convenience as you would buying from any other brand!  

We’ll leave a link below to our website & when you place an order for your pet food on our website, you’ll know that it will only be produced and packaged at the time of you pressing ‘Complete Order.’ 

To add to this, with the current countries situation, our store is currently closed to access. However you can come to our door and request what you need! Alternatively you can call us (01268 690706) or message us on Facebook where we can arrange free local delivery. Don’t worry if you aren’t local though, our website is still available to take orders, with our packing team working hard & safely to keep you pets fed! 


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at