MacroGard & Koi – Keeping Them Swimming

MacroGard & Koi – Keeping Them Swimming

With the weather taking a turn for the better (thankfully) but now we can’t fully enjoy it (sadly) there are those who are beginning to slowly energising themselves for the change in the weather. No, it’s not people with Frigophobia, it’s actually pond fish! 

Koi and goldfish are poikilothermic animals, a fancy way of saying cold-blooded. This basically means that their body temperature is regulated by the surrounding temperature of the water. In turn, their body functions respond and change according to the water temperature. The activity level slows down. They tend to keep themselves concealed when concealment is available. Rate of metabolism for koi and goldfish is greatly reduced during low water temperatures, this is why they do not feed during the cold periods, when water temperatures drop and stay below 55F. Koi go into a state of torpor. 

Torpor is not quite full hibernation; it is of a shorter duration than hibernation. Otherwise it is a very similar state of being: lower body temperature, reduced heart rate, slowed metabolism, slow reaction times, reduced breathing rate and primary body functions. Torpor allows the animal to save the energy that would otherwise be needed for higher levels of activity. While for many, Torpor may sound like something you might want to try on yourself, but during these prolonged cold spells they run the risk of their immune systems greatly weakening or shutting down. 

TL;DR – Koi & Goldfish spend all winter working on their summer body, only to stuff their face as soon as the sun comes out.  

Spring Has Sprung, Now What? 

Just like if I haven’t snacked for a few hours, your pond fish are going to be hungry! But when is it the right time to crack open the summer feast? The easiest way to tell is by using a pond thermometer. If the temperature reads between 9°C & 18°C we recommend a Wheat Germ Pond Food. hy feed a wheat germ food you may ask? Wheat germ is easily digested by koi and goldfish. In colder water, koi and goldfish’s metabolisms are slow and they have a hard time digesting the rich proteins found in summer foods. As a result, they don’t absorb as many nutrients from the food and they produce more waste which can lead to water quality issues. Feeding a wheat germ-based food allows fish to properly digest the food and in turn produce less waste. You can find our Brown’s Pet Range Wheat Germ here: 

When however your temperature reaches 18°C or above is time to crack out your favourite pond food. Now as mentioned above, after a prolonged period of not eating properly, your koi or goldfish may have a weakened immune system, which we will need work on to get back to a satisfactory level! That’s where our MacroGard Pond Food comes into the mix! A complete stick which contains all the essential nutrients to keep your fish happy & healthy and that doesn’t even include talking about MacroGard and how it can help your fish in a variety of ways. 

MacroGard & its Benefits 

What better way than quickly covering the benefits in a nice picture! MacroGard is a proven to  activate the white blood corpuscles, which in turn strengthens their immune system. Now is the best time to give it a try! Click on the link below: 


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at