Keeping it Natural with Brown’s

Keeping it Natural with Brown’s

The internet is truly a magnificent thing, especially at this time. We can reach out to all our loved ones with a few clicks. We can keep up to date with the world and it’s going ons’.  One thing we do take for granted is the wealth of knowledge we have just sitting at our fingertips. If you have any uncertainties; answers can be found relatively quickly with minimal work. Dog owners will find themselves a great many times searching for answers to a variety of questions they may have.  

With the growth of the internet and social media, there are more questions than ever; with that new answers are found that were never considered in the past. Here at Brown’s, one thing in particular sticks out to me and that’s the growth of natural diets and treats for dogs.  

It wasn’t too long ago that feeding your dog was a simple task, you pop to the supermarket/pet shop and you buy the biggest bag of kibble you can carry out, maybe pick up a couple of treats on the way out and that’s problem solved. Today we look at the expediential growth in popularity that natural diets and treats have experienced in the internet age. 

Raw Diet 

Rising in popularity in the pet food market & for good reason. Raw food can take away the worries of what ingredients you are feeding your dog. Feeding a raw diet at first may seem daunting, but once you get into the routine it is almost just as easy as dry food. Purchased normally in frozen blocks, all you need to do is allow time for the product to defrost & feed as is! No need to cook or any additional work. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a raw diet: 

  • No Added Ingredients – The main selling point of raw food is that you’re getting exactly what is advertised. If you find any foods with any additional ingredients you weren’t expecting, it would be best to avoid. 
  • Bone/Offal Content – If you’re new to raw feeding, you might see bone content as something to avoid. This could not be further from the truth! Bone content found in raw food is essential to their diet to ensure they get the necessary nutrients needed. Offal is also recommended to be part of a dogs diet. This is the organs found in the raw food, they are incredibly nutritious and offer tons of benefits to a dogs health. We recommend a 80/10/10 (Meat/Bone/Offal) split for the optimal diet. 

There’s not much else we can say about our raw food; exactly what you see is exactly what you’ll get. They are 100% complete, with no added ingredients. Our Raw Food is available throughout Mainland UK & can be delivered the next working day if ordered before 3:00pm. More information can be found by clicking the picture below:  

Natural Treats 

What’s the perfect way to complement a raw diet? By keeping it natural with our Natural Treat Range! 

On our website you’ll find a vast range of different natural treats all universally loved by your fluffy companions. These natural treats contain no added ingredients & no artificial  flavourings or preservatives! They are simply what the title says; nothing more, nothing less! More information can be found by clicking the picture below: 



With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at