The Benefits of Macrogard In Your Dogs Diet

The Benefits of Macrogard In Your Dogs Diet

Brown’s Pet Range are the first British company to include MacroGard® in their food.

What is MacroGard®?

MacroGard® is a source of highly purified, exposed, and preserved beta 1,3/1,6 glucans produced from a specially-selected strain of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

To put simply, the inclusion MacroGard® in your pets diet helps them balance their defences, which allows a more efficient protection against challenges they may face.

Benefits of Macrogard®:-macrogardbenefits

  • Enhances natural defences, preparing them for the challenges ahead

  • Helps to reduce the risks and severity of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases

  • It contributes for a better health status, optimising the efficiency of vaccines

  • Activates the white blood corpuscles and thereby strengthens the immune system.

List of Brown’s Pet Foods to Include MacroGard®

  • Light & Sensitive – The perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for sensitive, grown-up dogs with low activity level, overweight or for senior dogs. Light & Sensitive can be used as a staple diet.

  • Puppy & Breeder – Specially blended formula made for puppies & lactating bitches. Made with smaller kibbles perfect for growing dogs.

  • Health & Activity – The all round diet for the active dog. Contains all of the essential ingredients to keep your dog in top condition!