Dogs & Kibble – Is it Actually Good?

Dogs & Kibble – Is it Actually Good?

The variety of dog foods available now is increasing exponentially, with more and more different brands and even different types of food! As people try out new ways to give their dog a healthy diet, a question begins to raise and that is if the classic options are any good? By that I mean Dry Kibbled Dog food. Invented in 1860, the dry kibble was celebrated as a convenient way to give your dog a healthy & balanced diet. However as times evolve, kibble has begun to take more & more of a backseat as people begin to explore the other options they now have available. Today we look at if dry kibble is still a viable option. 

Dry Kibble is still remains the most common means of feeding your dog & for good reason too. I think as a human if you could find a tasty & nutritious kibble, some of you might be tempted to! Complete dry foods are designed to meet all the nutritional requirements needed to keep your dog healthy on a day to day basis. There are however some warning signs to look out for when picking a dry food. It is very easy to be fooled by pretty packaging on dog food claiming to be the best around, with misleading information, an enticing price & gobbled up by your dog when fed, you may think you’ve struck gold in picking that food. This however is often unfortunately not the case in most cases. A vast majority of big dog brands will use unhealthy ingredients which may entice your dog more when feeding. They can also use cheap protein sources (gluten) so they can stick a ‘High in Protein’ sticker on their label. Here are some of the things to avoid when picking a dry dog food: 

  • Gluten – Usually found in cheaper dog foods as it provides a cheaper source of protein. Not all dogs have issues with gluten, however if they do you’ll find your dog may have itchy skin, loose stools, poor coat condition & weight loss. It is best to avoid foods containing gluten to ensure the diet is providing proper ingredients when designing the food. 
  • Colourants – Typically if you find a dog food with multi-coloured kibbles, avoid it. Only added to appeal to dogs senses & adds nothing beneficial to their diet. 
  • High in Fat/Poor Ingredients – Some kibble diets will be gobbled up by your dog as quick as you can put it down. While some quality dry foods will have the same experience, it can also be sign of a dry food which appeals to a dogs taste, but not their nutrition. 

Kibble Doesn’t Work for My Dog? 

Changing dog foods can be frustrating, especially if you try multiple foods to no prevail you might be thinking that it makes no sense. The most important thing to consider moving forward is pinpointing exactly what part of the diet is causing your dog problems. Below are some tips which may help with that: 

  • Check for Gluten/Grain – Most issues with a dog’s diet are normally caused by these problematic ingredients. If you’ve noticed that the diets you’ve tried contain gluten, try gluten free alternatives! Grain-free options are sometimes harder to come by, with some grain-free dry kibbles becoming increasingly expensive. If you think grain is causing your dog problems, it may be best to take the plunge into the world of raw food! 
  • Meat Allergy – It is not uncommon to hear about dogs that may not get along with certain meat in their diet. With Chicken being the most popular meat in dry kibble, this may be the cause for any trouble. The answer is a simple one, try out foods with different meat, be it dry or even raw food!
  • Visit a Vet – If you still have trouble pinpointing the trouble, it is always best to get a professionals opinion. 

What does Brown’s Pet Range Offer? 

I’m so glad you asked! Brown’s Pet Range actually offer a selection of complete dry dog food & complete raw food! 

Signature Dry Dog Food – Our Dry Dog Foods are designed by senior zoological nutritionists, who have spent years honing their craft to manufacture our dog food to contain all the nutritional requirements needed to keep your dog healthy! Our Signature Dog Foods are produced using Gluten-Free ingredients & come in 3 main varieties: Puppy & Breeder, Health & Activity & Light & Sensitive. These 3 diets aim to produce the best diets for each age group; puppy, adult & senior. One thing that makes these foods special? The added Beta-Glucans found in these foods provide a huge boost to a dog’s immune system & several other benefits you’ll notice as you progress. More information can be found below:


With everything in mind, the most important thing to remember is keeping safe. If we can help in any way, we can be reached on 01268 690706 or email us at