About Us

Browns Pet Range 

For many years we have been dissatisfied with the range and supply of pet food in our country with big companies dominating the market. So, having studied the market in depth we are trying to present for you something different that is more responsive to the customer.

We are a UK based firm with a quality and unique brand, able to respond to you more quickly than others. 99% of our products are sourced and produced in the UK with our roots in the local community employing local people, with local knowledge to make distribution and the selling of our products a good experience for all; indeed we want to create a network of our shops that are integrated into the social fabric of our communities offering advice and high quality, trusted products at fair prices.

A unique concept that we have developed recently after considerable research is that we supply our pet food in re-usable tubs that we know are popular - they are hygienic, practical and re-usable! This also makes our products simple to order, being clearly labeled and easy for delivery.

Our goal is to be able to supply you with as much help as possible with a variety of different pets. We already provide different products & diets for; Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Small Animals & Reptiles. Through this, we have made caring for your pets easier & you can be rest assured that all your furry or scaly friends are getting everything they need in our quality products.

When your pet starts eating our product you will trust the special care we take to ensure the consistency of each product. Brown’s Pet Range is designed very much with Pets in Mind.

Brown’s Pet Range
18 Oak Road
Canvey Island, Essex
Telephone: 01268 515585