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Raw Dog Food | Frozen Premium Turkey Wings 2.5Kg Bags
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We do everything in our power to ensure all fozen foods arrive to you in great condition. Due to temperature changes sometimes the meat will thaw.

Any thawing of frozen food products is no problem - they can be safely fed to animals or re-frozen. 

Other regulations than those for food for human consumption apply to animal foodstuffs. As a result, any thawing is not to be seen as a loss of quality, and does not lead to a compensation entitlement.

Frozen Turkey Wings 2.5Kg Bag

Brown’s Frozen Turkey Wings come in a 2.5Kg Bag.

Ethically sourced free range whole British turkey wing.

Raw bones are a perfect complement to your dogs diet, they provide amusement, clean your dog’s teeth and help them to relax.

Cooked bones can be dangerous for dogs and can splinter into shards. But our bones and chunks are raw - just like dogs would enjoy in nature. It keeps their teeth clean too (a bit like when we munch on an apple).

It is important when feeding bones that you pick a bone suitable for the size of your dog, small dogs need smaller bones that are a manageable size and large dogs need large bones so they don’t just swallow them whole but learn to chew on them. It is important that dogs are supervised at all times when eating bones.

All Frozen meat and treats are sourced from a DEFRA registered company.

100% British turkey


Moisture 63.4%, Protein 19.4%, Fat 10.8%, Fibre 1.3%, Inorganic Matter 3.3%

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