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Purr-Fect Paws with MacroGard® - Chicken Flavour Cat Food

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Purr-Fect Paws a Complete Cat Food

For young and grown-up cats with normal to high activity level. Balanced nutrient content gives health and vitality for all cats. Produced with MacroGard®, Vitamin C & E and Selenium.

  • 32.0% protein, 15.3% Oils & Fat.
  • Well-balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids contribute in making skin and fur healthy and beautiful.
  • Added Cranberry Extract, helping to combat the bacteria from you cats digestive tract that can invade their urinary tract and possibly cause infection.
  • The kibbles are ideal for preventing hairballs from forming and also encourages hair to pass through the digestive tract.  
  • Lactic acid promotes balanced digestion. Optimal composition of fibre for the bowel function.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • A natural ß-glucan which strengthens your cat's immune system.

Directions for use: Complete pet food for cats.  Can be served lightly moistened with warm or cold water or served dry.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, not above normal room temperature.


  • MacroGard® is a natural beta glucane which activates the white blood corpuscles and thereby strengthens the immune system. It is a completely natural product – extracted from bakery yeast.
  • MacroGard® gives the cat extra protection, for example at pregnancy and for kittens.
  • MacroGard® works positively with the vaccination process.
  • MacroGard® is positive for skin problems.

Today you can find MacroGard® in food for a variety of animals. Including our Dog Food. For humans MacroGard® is used in nutritional supplements and skin cream.