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NERF Dog Trackshot Arrowhead Launcher - Dog Toys - Browns Pet Range

NERF Dog Trackshot Arrowhead Launcher
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Product Specification

The Nerf Dog Trackshot Launcher is an ideal toy for keeping your canine friend fit and healthy. A bright, fun toy that can be launched up to 75 feet! The Trackshot Launcher features a strong rubber pull that is used to fire the arrow into the air. The sturdy triple stitched woven nylon and natural rubber coating will ensure this toys durability and give your dog hours of safe, fun and exercise. 

The NERF DOG range has become one of the most recognised toy brands in the pet market in the USA and now this exciting range of dog toys is available in the UK.

From crunchable and squeaky throw and retrieve toys to innovative ball launchers and tough tug toys, the high-quality NERF DOG range lives up to the pedigree
of its name.

NERF DOG offers a wide range of canine retrieving toys that vary in size and material suitable for all dogs and are available in a collection of vibrant colours;
Red, Orange, Blue and Green to keep your dog entertained for hours.


  • Bright colours for easy visibility
  • Durable construction
  • Launches up to 75 feet 
  • Colours may vary 

Trackshot Launcher ( Medium )  Size: approx 14 inches 


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