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Marina Micro LED Light Set - HUB Plus Red & Green Lights (UNDERWATER) -  - Browns Pet Range

Marina Micro LED Light Set - HUB Plus Red & Green Lights (UNDERWATER)
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Product characteristics

Marina Micro LED Light Set - Complete kit with plug and 2 underwater LED lights. 1 Red & 1 Green.  Can be used inside and outside your fish tank - great for nightime viewing for a spotlight effect.

Technical data

The Marina Micro LED Light

This Marina Micro LED Light is a quick and convenient way to add light to your aquarium. Doubling up as an effective night light or used for a beautiful spotlight effect, the LED light can be fully submersed or used externally. is a battery operated unit and compatible with the Marina LED 3 Way Hub or the Marina LED Light Set. 

The innovative LED Micro lighting from Marina can be used to add decorative lighting to your aquarium whilst enhancing features and brilliance inside your tank. Ornaments, plants and fish colours are accentuated with the bright light, which effectively adds a focal point to any room, setting a beautiful ambiance. 

The Marina Micro LED Light Set comes complete with plug and can also be used as a practical night light for your tank. Once used in conjunction with other colours, it can create a breathtaking spectacle that can be used in saltwater and freshwater tanks.

At a Glance:

Micro LED Light set

Complete with plug

Fully submersible LED

Can also be used outside the water

For fresh and saltwater tanks

Adds breathtaking visual interest to your tank

Enhances the vibrant colours of fish, plants and ornaments

Can be used as a practical night light

Can be plugged into the 3 Way Hub

Easy to install

Genuine Marina product

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