Internet LED Twin Blue Moon lighting system (Size Varieties) -  - Browns Pet Range
Internet LED Twin Blue Moon lighting system (Size Varieties) -  - Browns Pet Range

Internet LED Twin Blue Moon lighting system (Size Varieties)

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Interpet LED Double Blue Moonlight 47cm / 18.5" (90cm . 35.4" in total)

 This Interpet LED Double Blue 47cm lighting system complete with low voltage profile transformer comprises of two 47cm / 18.5" blue submersible low voltage energy efficient LED light units which can be retrofitted to replace existing T8 or T5 florescent lighting or as an additional feature.

 The bright Blue Moon Twin System is compatible with any tank design offering versatility in a stylish compact construction. The LED Blue lighting is healthy and safe for your fish as it mimics the light of the moon, influencing feeding and spawning behavior. The device saves an incredible source of power during the evening when you want to show your tank off the most. The LED moonlight device not only replicates real moonlight but also creates a beautiful ambiance during the night inside your aquarium allowing you to view your fish and their activity under a captivating midnight glow. The Interpet Blue Moon LED Double Lighting System can encourage your reef creatures to behave in a naturally infused habitat.

 Low voltage profile transformer: Cheap to run with a long life span, the lighting system gives off very little heat to give you less running costs and an extremely economical and highly efficient feature. Each tube uses 4.8watts.

 Multi-purpose fitting brackets: The lighting system comes complete with easy-to-use brackets and sucker pads to mount your LED lights in the perfect position effortlessly.

 Stylish: The Interpet LED Double Blue Moonlight 47cm package has been designed from the masters of aquarium lighting equipment to accentuate the pleasure of evening viewing of your aquarium whilst also offering the attractive aesthetic appeal of a stunning ripple effect. The LED lights can be used underwater or in the hood of your tank and are compatible for tropical, coldwater and marine water tanks.

 At a Glance:

 Dimensions: Each tube 47cm

 Energy: Each tube uses 4.8 watts.

 Florescent lighting

 Echoes natural moonlight

 Enhances the natural behavior of your aquarium inhabitants

 Low voltage profile transformer

 Healthy and safe for your fish’s eating and spawning habits

 Creates a beautiful ambiance

 Slim and compact for all types of tanks

 Fully submersible