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Homemade Doggy Cookie Jar - Dog Herb Leaves
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Brown's Bakery, Dog Herbs - Homemade Doggy Cookie Jar 

Leaf shape Dog Herb Leaves Doggy Cookies.  These Earthy Cookies contain all the goodness that the dog friendly herbs have to offer, mixed with the irresistible flavour of Peanut Butter.  Bringing extremely beneficial, healthy ingredients together Brown's have created a treat your dog will crave, packed full of health benefits.

The Tasty Goodness Of Nature!

Dog Herbs - Chamomile Leaf (Great for Calming Nervous Dogs), Parsley Leaf (Natural Breath Freshener) and Dandelion (Digestion Aid).

A Perfect Blend of Mixed herbs, designed to help you dogs Digestion, Immune System & General health... Whilst adding a variety of flavours to your dogs Treats & Dinner!

Peanut Butter

Not only is it a good source of protein, but it also contains heart healthy fatsvitamin Bniacin, and vitamin E

All In Moderation 

Although our Cookie Jars are chock-a-block with cookies, don't raid it and over feed your pup!  Too much of a good thing can be harmful and you might find your slim dog is now a chunky dog!  We recommend feeding 2-3 Cookies as a treat on as many individual occasions throughout the course of a day.  Why not use them as a reward or an "I'm Sorry" or simply as a way of showing how much you love them!

Please Note

Cookies are Complimentary and should NEVER be used as a Main Diet.  Please ensure fresh clean drinking water is always available, and supervise your dog whilst giving them the treat!


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