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Habitrail® OVO Suite Hamster Cage (Colour variations)
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# 62610

• The Habitrail® OVO Suite, with added tubing, connectors and accessories provides a more interactive environment. Like the Pad it is fully expandable and ready to grow - Limited only by your imagination!!

No Mess and Easy to Clean
• High molded walls to keep your hamster's bedding inside his home, not all over your table or floor

A Room with a View
• You'll have a great view of your hamster thanks to the see-through plastic dome roof. The four-piece roof has two ventilated retractable dome doors that provide all-around access and viewing. Perforated panels allow for improved air flow and ventilation

Fresh Food for Longer!
• The food dish is now raised high above the floor to help stop waste and bedding (Yuk!) from getting in your hamster's food.

Easy Access to Water!
• The design of our clever new water bottle makes it easy for you to fill and for your hamster to drink.

If you Build It - He Will Burrow!
• Building your hamster's dream home is no problem with our new patented Habitrail® OVO Lock Connectors. They easily twist and firmly lock the tunnels, tubes and nesting areas together so you can build any creation you can imagine.

• Main habitat
• Water bottle
• Food dish
• Exercise wheel
• Cozy Hideaway
• Den
• Transport Unit
• 2-10" Trails
• 3 windows
• 3 Elbows
• 1 Tee
• 1 Cube
• 11 Lock connectors.

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