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Fluval Nano LED 6.5w | Nano & Desktop Aquarium Light
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Fluval Nano LED 6.5w Light

The Fluval Nano LED 6.5w has been specifically designed for nano and desktop aquariums up to 40 litres in size. Featuring COB (Chip-On-Board) LED technology to achieve higher energy efficiency, better spectral performance and greater light output.

This Fluval LED Light is small yet powerful and is suitable for use on both Fresh and Saltwater aquariums. The COB Nano LED enhances fish, coral and plant colors in fish-only marine tanks, or plant and coral species that require lower light levels in a nano tank environment.

The COB Nano LED can be used on rimless tanks as well as aquariums with top frames that have a maximum height of 30mm and incorporates a 120° light dispersion into its design for full area coverage.



    • Enhances fish, coral and plant colours
    • Featuring C.O.B (Chip-on-Board) LED technology
    • Higher energy efficiency, better spectral performance, greater light output
    • Designed for nano and desktop aquariums up to 40L
    • Can be used on both rimless and aquariums with top frames
    • 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting
Dimensions Ø 6.3 cm
Number Of LEDs 14
LED Wattage 6.5 w
Lumens 290 lm
Color Temperature 9000 K
Lifetime Hours 50,000

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