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Brown's Natural Dog Chew | Large Fallow Antler (75-125 Grams)

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Browns Pet Range Fallow Antlers are Naturally Shed, cleaned and hand cut to various sizes.  No chemicals are used during the cleaning process and sharp points are removed for safety concerns!

The size denominations are Small, Medium and Large.  The sizes are defined by weight alone, some which are long may not be as dense.  

Naturally Shed Fallow Antlers are a 100% Natural Chew and part of our Natural Treats Range!  They are softer than deer but still long lasting and full of healthy minerals and calcium!

Brown's Naturally Shed Antlers satisfy your dogs need to chew and at the same time cleans and strengthens their teeth. Your dog will grind the antler down over long periods of time, leaving no mess with no odours

As with a lot of Brown's Natural Products the health benefits are massive.  They can aid your dogs digestion and boost their immune system

Because Our antlers are 100% Natural and cut by hand to size the shapes and sizes of each antler will vary.  The pictures are just a guide! The weight is what defines the size no two antler chews are the same!  

  • Sourced from sustainable, natural sources.
  • 100% Natural Fallow Antler

Weight: 75-125g approx.


Advice.  Always supervise your dog whilst giving them the chew and always make sure plenty of clean fresh water is available at all times!