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Brown's Christmas Hamper | Santa's Sack Full Natural Treats & Toy's for Dog's
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Brown's Santa's Sack

What's Inside Santas Sack?


A selection of four natural treats! Variety and suprise is everything Santa stands for, and your dog has absoultely no idea whats coming!  The four treats are chosen from the Christmas Dinner Menu of:

✓   Crispy Beef Dripping    ✓   Turkey Feet
✓   Natural Chicken Feet    ✓   Duck Neck
✓  Goose Neck                    ✓   Beef Jerky
✓  Turkey Neck                   ✓   Sardinia
✓  Duck Wings

 What's Christmas without Chocolate?

Carob is a natural indredient in our Christmas Doggy Chcolate Buttons

Christmas Training Snacks are a welcome treat throughout Christmas, see what you can teach your dog for a taste of there Special Edition Christmas Snacks!

A Pack of Four Baubles for the tree!

No Christmas Tree is not complete without our Training Treat Baubles! Put them up high though - Great Advice!!


A Candy Cane Rope Toy!

A traditional Christmas Snack, now a Traditional Christmas Toy! This Tough cotton rope toy is a staple for all dogs at Christmas, Tough & Fun!

A Very Merry Moose

The star attaction of the sack, watch your dog go loopy for his dangly arms, legs and antlers. Suitable for all dogs, however this moose is not a robot, he is not indistructable!

A Tough Ball!

What dog doesn't love a nice ball?  Some love the too much and destroy them in seconds, this ball is tougher than most and will take a little while longer.



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