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Column Expedition Tank - Acrylic Aquarium - 268L - Steel
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Product Specification

This Brand New Stunning stainless steel column Expedition Tank,  has a stylish contemporary design to fit perfectly in any room and is manufactured using tough high-quality acrylics, complemented with a stainless steel base and hood.

The column fish tank comes complete with top filtration built into the hood, air pump and an LED aquarium lighting system. The hood is manufactured with handy feeding tubes, allowing easy hassle-free access to feed your fish without needing to remove the hood.

Please Note
You will need a plug extension to plug all 4 electrical parts in. This will need to positioned onto a wall behind the aquarium hood of the aquarium so each piece of electrical equipment can reach the extension sockets.

 Filter powerhead and filter tray trickle system
 Air pump with pre-installed air curtain included
 300w heater supplied for tropical setups (Additional Costs)
 Easy use LED aquarium lighting system

Diameter: 600mm /23.6"
Tank viewing height: 980mm / 38.6"
Overall height: 1480mm / 58.3" / 4.8ft

Stunning column aquariums from 'Fish r Fun'
 Acrylic tank gives 350° all the way round view
 High quality stainless steel base and hood
 Includes filter pump & tray trickle filter system
 Includes aquarium LED lighting system

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