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Charcoal Biscuit Cobs for Dogs 400g
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Benefits of Charcoal for your Dog.

✓   Aids Digestion    ✓   Reduces chance of infection
✓   Fights Constipation     ✓   Oral Health
✓   Reduces Gas  ✓   Reduces Cholesterol

Charcoal can be used in a number of instances, it absorbs the contents of the stomach to stop infections of poisons from something they ate so that the toxins will not get in the blood stream.

The activated charcoal may also be used to speed up the digestive process, so the contents of the stomach will be eliminated faster. Dogs affected by constipation may benefit from charcoal biscuits and these may also be administered if the pet has eaten from the garbage or has consumed non food items that are not necessarily toxic, but can cause gastrointestinal distress.

Charcoal biscuits can also be used if your dog is gassy.

Recent studies have also shown that charcoal treats such as our cobs may reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.  Charcoal can be helpful in reducing the risks of heart disease and cardiovascular problems.


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