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Brown's Natural Dog Treats | Bulls Willy (100g) - Pizzles

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Bulls Willy - Pizzle Strips

What's the most popular thing since sliced bread? Well, for your pooch, it's Bull's Willy!
Bulls Willy is the newest all natural, safe alternative to rawhide and unfamiliar dental chews and treats for dogs in our Natural Treat Range.
Low in fat and high in protein, Bull's Willy have no preservatives or chemicals, and a natural flavour dogs love! Made from 100% natural grass fed Beef Cattle, Bull's Willies are highly palatable and provide multiple health benefits for dogs. Aside from protein, they massage the gums and teeth, promoting dental health, while providing long lasting chew time for your best friend.
✓   Grain Free!    ✓   Wheat Free!
✓   Soya Free!     ✓   Dairy Free!
✓   Gluten Free!  ✓   No added Ingredients!