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Luxury Picasso - Floor to Ceiling Cat World
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Cat Scratching Play-zones

Cats need to be able to sharpen their claws, and live in luxury. In your home, you should offer a place to scratch. Otherwise, you're darling kitty might turn on your favourite furniture, curtains, or rugs!

The Picasso Floor to Ceiling Cat World with tightly wrapped sisal rope holds out against the toughest scratch attacks. Create a feature in your home and at the same time a home and play area for your cat!

The Picasso Offers, ups downs, ins and outs these will keep your cats entertained for years!

  • with plush cover (polyester)
  • posts with plush border (polyester) and wrapped in natural sisal
  • cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester)
  • padded platforms
  • with sisal scratching wave and rope
  • colour: beige/brown

Measurements: ø 9 × 209 cm
Floor area: 61 × 70 cm

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