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BiOrb Accessories | biOrb Marine Service Kit

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As all fish keepers know, maintaining a Marine Aquarium can involve more work then a freshwater aquarium.


The Oase BiOrb Marine Aquarium Service Kit makes it easy to maintain your Marine tank.

The set contains a replacement filter cartridge which has been made specifically for the Marine BiOrb tank. (the standard service kit should not be used for a Marine BiOrb as the chemical make up is different)

Also included in the kit is a small measured amount of high quality Reef Salt as well as sachets of water preparation chemicals.


The cartridge is simple to replace. Once the existing cartridge is full, simply remove and replace with a new one, mix the required amount of water and salt, remove 25% of the existing water from your aquarium and replace with the newly mixed saltwater.

All you need to keep your Marine Tank running smoothly.


1x Marine Filter Cartridge

1x 500g Reef Salt

1x Water Treatment Sachet

1x Cleaning pag


Key Features

  • Genuine Biorb Service Kit
  • Includes all you need to perform maintenance on your Marine tank
  • Contains, cartridge, salt and water treatment sachets
  • Easy to use