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BiOrb Accessories | biOrb Green Water Clarifier / Algae Kit

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The No Algae kit is suitable for all freshwater aquariums. The kit contains a specially designed Anti-Algae cartridge. The kit also contains full instructions.

The Anti-Algae Kit is designed to be used if Algae levels increase to significant levels. If you only have a small amount of algae you are probably over feeding or your aquarium is in too much light.

The Anti-algae Kit destroys the algae making it easier to remove. The standard Filter cartridge should be removed and the Anti-algae filter cartridge installed. 25% of the anti-algae sachet is then added every day for 4 days.

This is a treatment cartridge and must be replaced after 7 days with a standard Service Kit.

If your aquariums still suffers from an Algae problem after the treatment then the problem is likely to be because of over-feeding or positioning your aquarium in sunlight. Consider reducing feeding (Goldfish 2-3 pellets per day Maximum) and moving your aquarium into a darker corner of your house.


  • Anti-Algae filter cartridge.
  • 2x Anti Algae treatment Sachets.
  • Cleaner Pad.