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Naturally Wild Dog Treats | Bighorn Shoulder's | 2 Piece

Naturally Wild Dog Treats | Bighorn Shoulder's | 2 Piece
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Lamb Shoulder Bones

Brown's Pet Range Classic dehydrated shoulder bones are slow-dried to lock-in natural flavours.  There are no additives, no hormones, no fillers, and no artificial flavours. Bones are a natural product and sizes will vary.  

Health Benefits

  • Bone marrow is an essential part of the canine diet but is lacking in most domestic breeds
  • Growing dogs require calcium phosphate which is primarily found in animal bones
  • Excellent source of chondroitin (sulfated glycosaminoglycan) to treat osteoarthritis
  • Bone can be used as a dietary aid to help dogs feel full without unnecessary calories
  • Dried bones are an excellent dental aid that do not damage teeth like raw bones 
  • Bone provides a fibre-alternative to promote healthy digestion 

✓   Grain Free!    ✓   Wheat Free!
✓   Soya Free!     ✓   Dairy Free!
✓   Gluten Free!  ✓   No added Ingredients!

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