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Betta 12 - 20mm Pond Hoseclip x 2

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Betta Hose Clip for Hosing 12-20mm x 2

The Betta hose clips are ideal for joining hoses together for all pond requirements. This particular hose clip is compatible with 12-20mm hosing and contains 2 per pack.

The Betta Hose Clip has been constructed in-house at Betta, using the very hardest and most durable of materials, ensure that it lasts and performs under the toughest of conditions. Here at Complete Aquatics we stock an extensive range of tap and hose connectors from top brands for all pond uses. 

By stocking a wide variety of pond equipment similar to the Betta Hose Clip for 12-20mm hosing, you can be sure to get set-up and running as soon as possible. With pond equipment and accessories to suit all budgets, our Complete Aquatics online store ensures you can find exactly what you are looking for at competitive prices. . 

At A Glance:

Size: 12-20mm

2 x per pack

Ideal for joining 12-20mm hoses together for all pond requirements

Developed from hard durable materials

Reliable, long lasting finish

Part of our extensive pond equipment and pond accessories range

Genuine product from Betta