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Raw Feeding FAQ

Why Brown's Raw Food is good for you and your dog?

Brown's Raw Dog Food is 100% British raw meat with bone and offal, Containing all the natural goodness your dog needs. It is processed by a Defra Approved Company. Nothing is added or taken away during the mincing process so what you see is what you get! Brown's Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) provides a balanced diet for your dog and in the long run can save YOU money.

We offer a Subscription Service on our Raw diet in which you can save 5% on the regular price.  All you have to do is select how much and how often you need it and we take care of the rest.  For example.  If your dog eats 24kg of food a month, your will choose from our minces (Tripe, Ox Tripe, Chicken, Chicken & Tripe Or Lamb), selecting the Subscribe and Save option (Save 5%), select the once a moth option and you're done, we will repeat the order automatically every month of the date selected.  You never need to worry about your dogs dinner again.  

Can we save you money on your Raw Food?

Our customers find they save on average around £2 per Kilogram vs other brands. How so? Our high quality food is brought to you as it comes to us, from our mincers. Other brands spend millions on packaging and not their diets, this is reflected in the cost to the consumer.

As raw food is the best way to keep your dog is tip top condition they will be far less likely to require trips to the vet.
Do all our minces contain bone?

Only the chicken varieties contain bones. The minces are made from whole chicken carcasses so is complete all the natural goodness found in meat and bones.

Are bones dangerous for your dog?

Bones are only dangerous when they have gone through the cooking process and become brittle, shards of bone can get lodged in a dogs throat and cause numerous problems.

Minced raw bones are easy to digest and contain numerous health benefits, if your dog suffers from acid re-flux or similar digestion problems we recommend a no bones substitute in Lamb, Tripe or Ox Tripe.
Do I feed the food frozen or defrosted?

You will get used to the portion sizes your dog eats on a daily basis, our 12KG boxes are portioned into 25 x 450g (Approx) blocks. This enables you to take at least one block out the freezer a day to defrost in your fridge over night, ready for use in the morning.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER COOK THE MINCE FOODS. As well as cooking the natural goodness out of the food, you will also cook any bones that are in the minces. This can cause a lot of problems physical problems for your dogs gut and throat. Always supervise whilst feeding your dog