Puppy Chews

The puppy stage is a critical opportunity for teaching your pup good chewing habits. Puppies use their mouths to explore their surroundings, to play, and especially to relieve teething discomfort. With positive reinforcement, pups will learn that chewing on Nylabone Puppy Chews is not only encouraged, but also a fun pastime to enjoy into adulthood!

Moderate Chews

All dogs have the natural instinct to chew—some are simply less enthusiastic than others. Moderate Chew FlexiChews are the perfect fit for dogs who enjoy a light chew every once in a blue moon. Made of softer, flexible material, these gentle bones give moderate chewers something safe and fun to do—plus, they help clean teeth and prevent destructive chewing.

Strong Chews

For dogs who pack a slightly stronger chew, our Strong Chews are made of tough, natural rubber. They still have a little flex and give, making it easier for dogs to grip. With different textures, flavors, and shapes, these chew toys are an independent pastime for dogs who enjoy a good chewing session–plus, they help clean teeth and prevent destructive chewing.

Power Chews

Our Power Chew DuraChews are the ultimate long-lasting activity for extreme chewers! These durable nylon bones were built for intense chewing sessions—plus, they come in tons of flavors, sizes, shapes, and textures, so there’s a bone for every dog to enjoy. They provide a safe, independent activity that simultaneously cleans teeth and prevents destructive chewing.