My Pet H2O

Have you ever wondered why dogs stare at their water bowl before drinking?

If your dog has a choice, they will prefer to drink running water as their instinct tells them that running water is clean! As a bonus, running water is more oxygenated and creates a perfect way for your dog to drink more water, a key for better health.

Dog H2O features many aspects that make a great fountain, also includes a bonus Dental Care feature to help improve your dog’s dental health.

Dog H2O is proud to have worked with PDD Design of the UK and AA Aquarium, manufacturer of millions of high quality water pumps and aquariums. Time to upgrade to a Dog H2O today!

Dental Block for Dog H2O

How many of us will actually brush our dog’s teeth? How about improving your dog’s daily oral hygiene while drinking water?

Your dog’s bad breath can be an early sign of periodontal disease. The best way to help prevent this is an ongoing daily dental care.

Each Dog H2O comes with 3 blocks of Dental Care, a specially designed tablet that adds dental ingredients to your dog’s water. Dental Care will slowly dissolve in the drinking water and release ingredients that will help protect against plaque & tartar build up, leading to healthier gums and fighting “doggy breath”. Dental Care also includes a calcium supplement for stronger teeth.