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Oase - BioPress Set 6000 - Pressurised Pond Filter
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Oase - BioPress 6000 Pressurised Pond Filter

The OASE BioPress 6000 is a pressurised pond filter with built-in 9 watt Ultraviolet Clarifier.  The filter can be buried beside the pond and features an easy-clean handle which compresses the filter sponges, allowing the pond waste to be cleared out without the need to touch the filter foams themselves.  The BioPress 6000 also contains 20 individual biosurface elements which act as housing for friendly bacteria to flourish, further increasing the filtration capability.

As the filter housing is a sealed unit, water can be pumped up higher than the filter itself, providing an ideal solution for supplying the pond water directly to a small stream or cascade.


  • Suitable for ponds up to 6000 Litres, Fish Ponds up to 3000 Litres or Koi up to 1500 Litres.
  • 9 watt Ultraviolet Clarifier for tackling single celled algae (green water).
  • Inspection window to check UV Clarifier operation.
  • Quick Release Lid for easy opening during maintenance.
  • Easy Clean handle integrated into the filter Lid.
  • Compact filter body can be buried up to its head in soft ground to disguise.


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