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Signature Kibble Sample Box - Chicken
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We love Dog's, and our customers love our Signature Food & Treats!

We are introducing our Sample Boxes to give your dog a quick taste as to what healthy high quality, affordable dog food tastes like! 
Our food provides your dog with a natural immune system boosting probiotic called Macrogard, meaning they're bodies are better prepared to stave off nasty bacterial and viral infections!  
The positive effects are visible after only a few weeks!  Improved coat, better behaviour and less odour to name a few! 


What's In the Box?

Puppy Box (Up to 18 Months) - 1x 520g tub of Puppy & Breeder Small Kibble, 1x Natural Sardines Treat suitable for Pups, 1x 200g Semi Moist Puppy Training Treats

Adult Box (Over 18 Months) - 1x 520g tub of Health and Activity Chicken Flavour Kibble, 1x  Natural Sardines Treat Suitable for Adult Dogs, 1x 200g Adult Semi Moist Training Treats.

Senior Box (Overweight or Senior) - 1x 520g tub Light and Sensitive Chicken Flavour Kibble, 1x Natural Sardines Treat, 1x 200g Semi-Moist Treats!


Introducing The Food

Changing your dog's food should be an easy process, but it can take some time for your dog's body to adjust to their new diet.  

The sample box is designed for you to slowly introduce the food as treats at first and adding it to their current diet, increasing the amount slowly over time.  


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