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Perfect Combination Diet Bundle - Senior Dog's & Sensitive Stomachs
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We love Dog's, and our customers love our Signature Food & Treats!

Introducing our Exclusive Senior & Sensitive Stomach Dog Bundle Containing Everything your Dog needs to get started on a new diet of the highest quality. 

Our Signature Senior & Sensitive (Light & Sensitive) Food provides your dog with a natural immune system boosting probiotic called Macrogard, meaning they're bodies are better prepared to stave off nasty bacterial and viral infections!  

Fewer Calories for a less active dog or for dogs with health issues!

The positive effects are visible after only a few weeks!  Improved coat, better behaviour and less odour to name a few! 

Our Raw Food contains Natural Living Enzymes that help maintain and develop your Dog's body through it's entire life.


What's In the Bundle?

10 x 500g Blocks of our high quality  Raw Dog Food (2 Lamb, 2 Lamb Tripe, 2 Ox Tripe, 2 Chicken, 2 Chicken & Tripe) - Worth £15.00

2kg Signature Dog Food - Worth £10.99

1 x Feeding Bowl - Worth £7.99

3 Natural Treats - Worth £11.97 (Lamb Head Skin, Chicken Stomach, Bulls Willy)
2 Training Treats - Worth £5.98 (Salmon & Rice, Lamb & Rice)
Tough Toy - Worth £14.99
& a Biscuit on top - Worth 50p 

Feeding Guides Included!

How to Feed - Never Mix - Feed Raw and Kibble at Separate Meal times!

The two diets of Raw and our Signature Kibble work perfectly together.  The Natural Pro-biotics in our Kibble help to clean and maintain your dogs dietary tract, leaving it to function perfectly.  

The two diets should be fed separately to allow the body to digest each meal at the correct rate and extract every last ounce of goodness from each!  For your dogs body to work best, feed the Raw in the morning and the Kibble in the evening.

A Good Rule of thumb to knowing how much to feed your dog, take 3-4% Of their body weight and that is the amount of grams per day that should be fed! This is rough guideline and needs to be monitored.  We are always on the end of the phone of Facebook should you need any more advice to get you started.

Introducing The Food

Changing your dog's food should be an easy process, but it can take some time for your dog's body to adjust to their new diet.  

The diet is designed for you to slowly introduce the food as treats at first and adding it to their current diet, increasing the amount slowly over time.  


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