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Brown's Bird Food | Super Premium Parrot Mix
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Super Premium Parrot Mix

Our Super Premium Diet is designed to be nutritiously complete containing a variety of different fruits, vegetables & seeds to give your parrot a variety of tastes. Not only that, we’ve included a complete extruded pellet which is nutritiously complete & is highly beneficial to the health of your parrot. Feeding this mix will help ensure your parrot leads a long, healthy & happy life.

The mix of high quality 100% natural ingredients mixed with our high quality extruded pellet guarantees that a parrot can get all the vitamins, minerals & nutrients they require.

Birds decide what to eat by site, texture & taste, parrots especially. This is what this diet is specifically aiming to do as parrots can be fussy eaters. Given the range this mix provides they will be sure to love the variety given to them.


Store in a cool dry place.  Not for human consumption. Always ensure that plenty of clean, fresh drinking water is available. 

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