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Kids First Fish Bowl - Pink
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Keep your goldfish happy and entertained with the Goldfish Starter Kit from Fish R Fun. Made form hard-wearing materials this bowl is perfect for those who are beginning to look after fish, or children who want to keep their goldfish or other cold water fish healthy and active. The bowl features a simple, curved design that allows you to see your fish at all times and it holds 17 litres of water and comes with gravel, a filter and a plant! The clear bowl with its solid flat base has an open top with a safety guard, making it easy to fill with decorations to give your fish an even more exciting home.

Full Price RRP: 34.99

Also included From Browns Pet Range, a Start Plus water conditioner and High Quality Goldfish Granules.

  • Features

    • Perfect home for your fish
    • Curved design
    • Create your own aquatic world
    • Perfect for cold water fish



    • Material: Plastic
    • Height: 37cm
    • Diameter: 37cm
    • Capacity: 17L
    • Weight: 3kg
    • Colour: Pink

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